The Sydney Biennale 2012

I just got back from an amazing week in Sydney to visit the Sydney Biennale. I saw so many beautiful, awe inspiring, innovative and thought provoking artworks. Here is a sample of some of my favourites from each location that i visited.

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia 

David Noonan, Untitled 2007, unique silkscreen print on linen

Vernon Ah Kee, Fantasies of the Good, charcoal on paper

Mit Jai Inn, No 112 2002-12, oil on canvas

White Rabbit Gallery, Chippendale

Cai Lijuan, Linear Space Series 1-5, mixed media

  Xie Kun, Transformation, acrylic, spray paint, marker pen

At first glance this appears to be some sort of photographic negative print on paper, however after closer inspection it becomes clear that it has been drawn using light strokes of grey led pencil.

Luo Mingjun, Yesterday, Nos. 1-4, pencil on paper

The Gallery of New South Wales

This artwork was comprised of over 10 paper bags from designer clothing labels. Inside each bag was an illuminated paper tree carved from the top of the bag itself. Each bag managed to capture a different mood and feeling created through the use of lighting and colour. A truly beautiful and inspiring installation. 

Yuken Teruya, Notice Forest: paper bag, paper and glue

Cockatoo Island

Li Hongbo, Ocean of Flowers, paper and glue 

Hundreds of wind chimes arranged in a colourful tonal gradation. This installation worked on various sensory levels as it was not only beautiful but the sound of the wind chimes created a slightly eery yet peaceful mood. The audience was invited to touch the wind chimes, altering the sound of the whole work and setting it out of rhythm for a short moment. 

Tiffany Singh, Knock On The Sky To Listen To The Sound, mixed media installation

Brett Whitely Studio, Surrey Hills

I not only got the chance to visit Brett Whiteley's studio to see where the great Australian artist lived and created his work, i also was lucky enough to participate in a life drawing session! We were encouraged to embrace Brett Whiteley's loose and spontaneous approach to drawing the human figure. this was by far the highlight of my time in Sydney!

The entrance to Brett Whiteley's studio

My own life drawings completed in Brett Whiteleys studio, pencil, charcoal and shoe polish. 

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